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Better Comm


Better Communications is a company that improves the communication, electronic or otherwise, for corporations around the world. They create custom programs tailored to the needs and culture of the company.


Their old site was very informative but severely lacked a visual hierarchy and professional look. Our goal was to provide the site with a level of professionalism that could speak to their target audience.


Their two main sections include information about their Workshops. Although they do not sell Workshops, they are an integral part of their process when it comes to improving communications. We felt it was important for users to be able to sort through every workshop and see how they are related to current solutions.

Web App

We also developed a Results feature where a user could see a side by side comparison of poor and good communications. The user can interact with it, displaying one version or the other while highlighting the issues of one and the improvements of the other. This gives the user an idea of what Better Communications can do for them.