Benjamin Katz Creative
Web Consulting

We strive to be transparent with the way we work and how we utilize your expertise to create a site that will truly help your business. There are so many factors to consider and we can only be successful with you. Take a look at our process so you can understand your role and the steps we take to launch a site with your goals in mind.


This is the most important step in the process. We dig deep to understand what will bring value to your business. And we get there by relying on your expertise. We build out the basic architecture of the site as a roadmap to understanding your needs and to guide the design.

Propose a Solution

The solution will be based on the Discovery and budget allotted. We will outline the remaining process from design to launch to handoff. The scope, budget and timeline will be completely laid out and agreed upon before moving forward.

Collect Content

Before the design begins, we collect all copy and photos required for the site. This may come from you or we may use a copywriter and photographer if needed. This would be determined in the Discovery process.


We will use the information architecture as a guide to design all the main pages. Having the architecture in place before the design process allows us to add all necessary features to each page and focus more directly on look and feel.


Once the design is approved, we start writing the code that will allow you to see your site online. We develop our own WordPress templates to give us the freedom to offer any solution you need for success. Each piece will be coded into WordPress so you can edit the site as needed.


Once the code is in place and the content is inserted, we will test on all major browsers for compatibility and common sense adjustments. We also encourage you to move about the site to see if you notice anything out of place.



Everything has been tested, adjusted and approved. Now we launch the site! Once everything is on the live server, we will test again and implement a speed test that will determine which direction we should go to get your site loading quickly.


Once the site is launched and all the last minute kinks have been hammered out, we offer our ongoing support to make sure the site is running smoothly and meeting your expectations. See our support packages for an idea of how we help!

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