The 4 steps Small Wineries Should Take to get Found Online

You have just built a nice site, or you have had a site for years, either way, you are not being found in searches. This article will let you know what you can do to improve your search standing.

Wine producers are a part of a very large and saturated market. Most have a website and the larger wineries have the marketing budget to advertise in order to get their site in the top hits for paid search results.

Smaller wineries like to do all of their work in house: from cultivating to harvesting to winemaking to bottling and shipping. You are the owner and custodian of your business. You have done what you think you can do in order to bring your site up to speed with today’s online buyers. But you wonder where all the action is.

The problem is that you are not being found online. Buyers need to know that you exist! There are more ways to do this than simply buying ads.

1. Make sure your site is being indexed

An indexed site is one that Google or other search engines has in their database. So when a potential buyer searches for wine or something related to your business, your indexed site will appear. You can check to see if your site indexed going to your Google Search Console. If you do not know what that is, it’s possible that you do not have an account set up. Contact us to direct you and we can look into it.

2. Create a blog

Call it what you want. But create a way to communicate with your buyers as often as you can. I know you have a phone that can take video and photos. Let your buyers know what you’re doing. Make sure you keep the subject about your winery. Post it on your website! Most sites have a blog set up, but if you can’t find yours, we can see what’s going on there.

3. Join social networks

Your buyers will be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. When you write a blog post, simply link to it from these networks. Each of these networks also a good way for you to connect to your customers when you have a new release or event.

4. Virtual Assistant

Get an assistant to do all the parts that you are too busy for. A virtual assistant is an actual person who handles tasks just like these so your business can start flourishing online.

If you get these things in order and you start updating your site and social networks on a regular basis, you will start to attract more visitors.

If you would like some guidance through this process or are not sure how to get started, contact us! We’ll be happy to help.