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Rothschild Safaris



The Rothschild Safaris team work very hard creating memorable and safe experiences for their guests. They do extensive travel and research and only recommend locations and accommodations that they themselves have been to. They wanted to make sure that their site expressed their connection to the trips they offered while giving their guests confidence that their experience will be excellent.

BKC expressed the beauty of the locations by bringing the photography to the forefront. Users can find trips is several ways including a dynamic search function that we developed in-house that allows the user to sort the search by country and by adventure type. The site is content managed which Rothschild Safaris uses on a daily basis, adding to their hundreds of existing pages. BKC continues to work very closely with Rothschild Safari on new features to their site.

Ben has been working with us for over 5 years. Not only does he do a great job at the design of our website and the constant tweaks and additions we have, he also adds value by offering suggestions and ideas along the way, he really thinks about what you are asking him first before digging into a project. He has an eye for design and understands how it all works on the back end. He is an essential part of our team.

Leora Rothschild, Owner, Rothschild Safaris